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5.9 Cummins PhatShaft 64 Turbo (2003-2004) - 364240651A

5.9 Cummins PhatShaft 64 Turbo (2003-2004) - 364240651A

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The original PhatShaft is the perfect turbo for quick spool and low end performance. The Phat Shaft turbo also has the overall volume for overall torque for efficient full throttle power. The PhatShaft can be purchased with a 12 or 14 turbine housing matched with a 65mm turbine. We suggest a 12 cm turbine housing if the engine is a 12 Valve and has moderate fueling upgrades such as 300hp injectors and a camplate. If the engine has heavier fueling upgrades such as large injectors, aggressive cam plate and high rev governor springs then you will be better suited with 14cm housing. The benefit of the 14cm exhaust housing is lower Exhaust Gas Temperatures. However with the 14cm housing, you will get a slightly slower response. The original PhatShaft is available in three different compressor sizes, 62mm, 64mm and 66mm. All three compressors have extended tip technology. The waste gate is set at 40psi to prevent head gasket failure on the PhatShaft 62 and 45psi on the PhatShaft 64 and 66. All PhatShaft turbochargers are equipped with dual grooved bearings and an adjustable boost elbow.

Part Number: 364240651A

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