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1999-2013 GM Idler Pivot Assembly-158040100

1999-2013 GM Idler Pivot Assembly-158040100

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A failed idler arm pivot assembly can make your steering feel loose and washy. Ultimately, it can contribute to the premature wear of your tires and steering linkage. If your truck is lifted, with larger wheels and tires, this effect can be even more profound. 

The PPE Forged Idler Arm Assembly is precision-built to handle the stresses of larger tires, off-road driving, drag racing and towing. Fitted inside the forged steel housing are two tapered high-load roller bearings with rubber seals to protect them from water and debris. The heavy-duty dual roller bearings are pre-greased. If you spend a lot of time with your axles underwater, we recommend a periodic re-grease using the built-in zerk fitting. For normal use (including off-road, high mileage, and heavy-duty), the PPE Forged PPE Idler Arm Assembly needs no maintenance.

If you are experiencing any dangerous wear indicators in your older steering, consider inspecting and replacing the other key components including tie rods, pitman and Idler arms, and center link with the heavy-duty line of PPE steering products to ensure your rig drives straight and solid. Price includes applicable core fee . Part Number: 158040100

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