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Oil Filter Mount Aluminum Billet - 114002100

Oil Filter Mount Aluminum Billet - 114002100

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6061-T6 Aluminum Remote Oil Filter Mount

This remote filter mount has a higher flow rate than stock and is compatible with a variety of filters, including HP4 and HP6 Racing Filters. It features one outlet and three inlet ports, all -12 ORB for an easy leak-free installation and non-restrictive flow. Two out of the three inlet ports will be plugged by PPE Neodymium-magnet-equipped drain plugs, which pull harmful ferrous particles out of your oil. These plugs can be serviced by simply unplugging them and wiping out the metal particles trapped. It also features a 1/8” NPT port for an oil pressure/temperature sending unit. The mounting bracket can be mounted in four different positions to suit your application. Two threaded oil filter adapters are also included: 13/16”-16 (fits PPE Filters and GM filters) and 1 ½”-12.

Relocate your oil filter with this Remote Oil Filter Mount. Whether you are relocating your stock oil filter (PF2232) for easier access or wanting to use a larger filter such as our PPE High-Performance Engine Oil Filters (114000550/555/560), complete your project with this remote filter mount. Price includes applicable core fee . Part Number: 114002100

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