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Super B killer SX-E S363 C/W HX40 downpipe turbo kit 24-valve - 1045260

Super B killer SX-E S363 C/W HX40 downpipe turbo kit 24-valve - 1045260

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All kits come with everything you need to allow for an easy install. Now get these kits with Borg Warner SX-E turbo options and expect even more. A BD exclusive feature of the SX-E turbos is that they are waste-gated to mount on stock T3 manifolds. FEATURES
BD Single Turbo kits cover a range of turbos that are an easy complete bolt-on performance replacement for your OEM turbo, providing enough air for more power, response and reliability
The SX-E turbo was designed for performance with a 360 thrust bearing and enhanced compressor wheel and housing
Larger compressor blade surface but with a smaller inducer results in quicker spooling, more flow than similar sized wheels
The high strength FMW Forged Milled Wheels are lighter and stronger and withstand higher wheel speeds
BD exclusive feature of a heavy sprung waste-gated T3 turbine housing that mounts onto stock exhaust manifolds
BD's HD Waste gate and bracket holds boost and prevents over speed damage
Turnbuckle Boost Control allows for ease of adjustment for altitude and extreme tuning
Kit comes with downpipe, V-band clamp, band clamp
Comp Wheel: 63mm 2.48in
Turbine Wheel: 76mm 2.99in
A/R Ratio: 0.80
Flow: 79 Lb/min
Approximate rated 550hp (depending on truck configuration) Price includes applicable core fee . Part Number: 1045260

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