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Iron Horn 5.9L Cummins Turbo Kit - 1045171

Iron Horn 5.9L Cummins Turbo Kit - 1045171

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If you are looking for an easy economical turbo upgrade, or, replace your tired turbo and aging exhaust manifold, then BD's Iron Horn series for your 3rd generation 5.9L Cummins offers a clean, drop-in installation. Featuring BorgWarner SX-E cartridges and 2-piece pulse exhaust manifold, BD's Iron Horn turbocharger kits are engineered to give optimal performance while reducing EGT's and high drive pressures. The Iron Horn is available in a number of configurations to match your performance level without compromising drivability.

Increase airflow for more power, response, and reliability
Replace your factory turbo with a S300 SX-E Borg Warner T4 flange turbo
Kit includes a 5.9L 2-piece BD high flow pulse T4 manifold and gaskets
No extra piping required, it drops in place for an easy, clean installation
Comp Wheel: 61.44mm (2.42in) to 69.00mm (2.72in)
Turbine Wheel: 76mm (2.99in) or 80mm (3.15in)
A/R Ratio: 0.91, 1.00 or 1.10 depending on application
Flow: 77 Lb/min to 98 Lb/min
Approximate rated 500hp - 700hp (depending on truck configuration

Part Number: 1045171

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