Collection: Transmission Parts and Upgrades

Transmission Parts and Upgrades are the unsung maestros of your diesel ride, orchestrating the transfer of raw power from the heart of the engine to the tires' grip. Picture this: performance-grade gears shifting with surgical precision, upgraded torque converters handling the intense power, all within a fortified housing built to withstand the storm. These parts are for the uncompromising, those who see every mile as a testament to their ride's brute strength. Don't just journey; dominate - with the bone-rattling power and precision that only a fully upgraded transmission can deliver.

Quality Products and Parts

S&M Diesel only uses high quality parts that have been tested on our own vehicles. Our #1 goal is to provide our customers with products that are safe, durable, and designed with performance in mind. We have a complete inventory of leading edge products on hand and ready to ship or install, everything from intakes and exhausts to complete turbo setups and suspension kits. Everything you need is right here, at S&M Diesel!