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Unleash the Power: Power TS Booster

Tired of that sluggish throttle response? Say goodbye to lag and hello to instant power with the BD Power TS Booster. It's the ultimate gearhead upgrade you've been waiting for.

TS Booster Awakens Your Ride:

Lightning-Fast Reaction: The TS Booster amps up the connection between your throttle pedal and ECM, delivering lightning-quick response times.

Feel the Thrill: Experience a "fly back in your seat" sensation as your performance curve kicks in sooner, making every drive an adrenaline rush.

Plug and Play: With factory connections, installation is a breeze. Choose from six acceleration levels and enjoy added security without the hassle of programming.

Smart Technology: The TS Booster's advanced A.I. adapts to your driving style, learning and optimizing settings for your specific application.

Warranty and Emissions Safe: No worries here – the TS Booster won't void your warranty or mess with emissions.

Rev up your ride and take control with the TS Booster. It's time to feel the power at your fingertips

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