Collection: Egr Delete Kits

Unleash Your Engine's Potential: Our Custom EGR Delete Kit

Ready to take control of your engine's performance? Look no further than our custom EGR delete kit – the ultimate solution for power and efficiency enthusiasts.

What's Inside:

Block Off Plates: Say goodbye to EGR issues with precision-engineered block off plates for the EGR valve and cooler.

Complete Coolant Reroute: Our kit includes all the hoses, clamps, and gaskets you need for a hassle-free installation.

Experience the Benefits:

Seamless Install: Our EGR delete kit is designed for an easy, seamless installation, so you can get back on the road quickly.

Unlock Power: Eliminate EGR restrictions and unlock your engine's true potential for improved performance and efficiency.

Ready to transform your ride? Choose our custom EGR delete kit and experience the difference today!

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